Landowners and Communities

First and Foremost - A Partner

Our Promise

“Our hard work is aligned with your interests because a successful project outcome means secured income for all of us. Your land may have been in your family for generations. We understand that committing it to a new future is serious, and has implications on your grandchildren that extend beyond the lucrative outcome. We raised our family on a Pennsylvania maple farm (a hobby) and share the connection to land. Our leadership can name every landowner (hundreds) of each project as we maintain the relationships we built. We pledge to personally be engaged with you from the beginning, along the way, and beyond.” –   Nick Cohen, Doral Renewables’ President & CEO.

Group 323

What Do Our Landowners and Community Partners Say?

Jared Brown

Landowner, Mammoth Solar

“We are thrilled to be included in the Mammoth project. Not only are we excited to be involved in helping the planet become a more sustainable place but the project offers a great business opportunity. ”

Lynn Bowes

Landowner, Goonies Solar

“I’m very enthusiastic about the project. I recently watched a similar project get constructed. I visited the site twice a week. I watched them break ground, install the panels on racks and now it’s operating. The panels follow the sun all day. It’s surrounded by a cemetery and an orange grove. They keep it well-manicured. It looks great.”

Joyce Hennigan


“Deciding to give up some prime farm ground was a very tough decision at first but eventually became a no-brainer. Once we made the decision to lease for solar panels, the process was very quick and simple. Nick, with Doral Renewables, kept us very informed at all times. We didn’t feel pressured to sign the lease agreement at all. We are looking forward to watching all the phases of the project.”

Norm Welker


I come from a multi-generation farming family beginning in Europe, and now a third generation here in the United States. The changes since our beginning have been dramatic. We have gone from being a consumer of energy to farm our fields to now farming solar fields to produce energy. In addition, I really like the concept of conserving the soil for future generations while still harvesting energy every day.”

Dave Swanson


“We have to develop alternative energy. Solar is better for the environment. We are doing our part to help combat climate change.”

Mark Kolish

Landowner, Mammoth Solar

“With commodity pricing being so volatile, it’s nice to be able to rely on steady, predictable income from the solar farm.”