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Pulaski County, Indiana
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Pulaski County, Indiana

About Mammoth South Solar

Mammoth South Solar is the second phase of the Mammoth Solar project, one of the largest solar projects in the U.S. Mammoth South is estimated to generate 300 MW of energy and spreads over 3,500 acres in Pulaski County in northwest Indiana. Out of the overall acreage footprint of this project, approximately 20% is tillable that will have solar panels installed on top, while the remaining 80% remains green and/or used for vegetation. This project is expected to generate enough clean energy for approximately 65,0000 households.

The Mammoth Solar project in its entirety is expected to generate 1.3 GW of energy, which will power approximately 275,000 households annually and has a footprint of 13,000 acres across Starke and Pulaski counties. The project was named “Mammoth” because of ancient mammoth bones discovered in fields where it would be built and because of the growing size and scope of the mammoth project.

This project started in 2019 as a grassroots effort in the homes and barns of local farmers. Today, Mammoth has over 65 families, who lease their land to Doral Renewables as part of this project. Upon the decommissioning of the project, the landowners receive their land back and can utilize it as they see fit.

Mammoth South has executed a long-term a power purchase agreement (PPA) with AEP Energy, a subsidiary of American Electric Power and one of the largest electric energy wholesale and retail suppliers in the U.S.

Mammoth South was launched in November 2022 in a ceremony that featured community partners and landowners from Pulaski County, as well as leaders and elected officials from Israel and the state of Indiana.

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